Maxon db10 Dual Booster

Maxon db10 Dual Booster

Maxon db10 Dual Booster


The Maxon db10 Dual Booster is like having two booster pedals in one box. It contains two independent boost circuits, and each circuit has an input and an output, which means you can cascade one circuit into another. The creative implications of this are incredible

Features of the Maxon db10 Dual Booster

  • Two independent booster circuits (Clean and Vintage)
  • Both circuits contain inputs/outputs
  • True Bypass
  • Ability to chain one circuit into another
  • 9-volt battery or AC power
  • 3 year warranty

Clean channel

The clean channel of the Maxon Dual Booster allows up to a 20 db clean boost, with a totally flat frequency response. This means you will get a solid boost to put you over the rest of the band, while the flat frequency response means your tone will not get colored in any way.


Vintage channel

The vintage channel of the Dual Booster will boost your signal up to 20 db like the clean channel, but the frequency response is not flat. Instead, the sound will have a slight mid hump, much like the Ibanez Tube Screamer, and the high end will roll off when maxed. This gives your tone a slightly “dirtier” sound with some top end zest, and with the extra mids, you’ll have an easier time cutting through the mix. This channel is great for pushing tube amps over the top.


Tips to use the Maxon db10

The ingenious design of the Maxon db10 will inspire enormous amounts of creativity. This pedal will give you so many options, you will wonder why you ever used any other booster.

Daisy Chain the Dual Booster Circuits

Each circuit has an input and an output. Each circuit is true bypass. These last two sentences should be all you need to convince yourself how wonderful this pedal is. Think of a few examples how you could implement this.

  1. Chain the clean into the vintage. Play most of the song with only the clean activated, then when it’s time to solo you could either switch on the vintage or, because of the proximity of the two switches, you could simultaneously activate the vintage while deactivating the clean!
  2. Put a Tube Screamer between the two channels. I don’t think I need to explain the benefits of doing this, especially if you chain in the order of Vintage -> Tube Screamer -> Clean.
  3. Put one channel into the head, and the other in the effects loop. Now you can have a straight boost to power your front end, and a boost for your effects loop! If you’re using a tube amp, use the vintage channel to drive the front end to push the tubes, and you’re still left with a clean boost for your effects loop.

 Where to Put the Maxon db10 in the Chain

While I usually always recommend boosters to be near the beginning of the chain, honestly the way this pedal is built, you can find a way to put it almost anywhere. You could have one channel in the beginning, and one at the very end. It really depends on your needs at the time, and that is why this pedal is so magnificent. For the price ($199), considering you get two boosters in one, I can’t think of a better booster to purchase than the Maxon db10 Dual Booster. Buy it Here!


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